Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Grumpy Strumpet Finished

I'm happy to say that I've finished the submission for the BouncyRock Halloween Project. Now hopefully they will be able to get everything working together in one mod. I can't imagine the headache it would be to get 30+ mods working together in a campaign.

With that finished I can turn my attention to my Realms of Ultima project: Shades of Doom. This is a smallish module based after the events of the Ultima games and the ascention of the Avatar. I'm working on the prologue now that will be mostly cutscene with a little bit of playable content. The intention is to fill the player in on all the back story and introduce the main villain.

Here's the story:

Many years have past and Britannia has survived a cataclysm caused after the
casting of the Armageddon spell and the defeat of the Guardian. Lord British has
died and magic, as it was known, has changed as well. The Age of Restoration is
at hand.

The Council of Virtue, formed after Lord British's death has entrusted the remaining Orb of the Moon as well as the eight Virtue Stones to the Lycaeum for study. Various experiments have caused moongates to open randomly throughout the universe. It is through one of these moongates that you now come, not called as the Avatar once was, but arrived none the less. Of what fate awaits, you can only guess...

Arcadion has waited many millennia for his chance to return to Britannia. Perhaps it was chance, or fate, or just dumb luck that managed his escape from Pagan, but with his freedom at hand, he was now free to search for the item of his revenge, the Shade Blade. You learn a lot about a prison from being inside its cells, and Arcadion was now armed with the knowledge that spells Britannia’s doom.

I've uploaded a couple screenies too:

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Jason said...

An Ultima module - COOL! Sounds intriguing, man. Congrats on finishing the Halloween module. I'm in panic mode trying to wrap it up.

I've also got an idea for an Ultima module bouncing around in my head. Instead of the ridiculously huge and overwhelming task of a remake, I'm thinking of a side-quest / fan fiction twist inside of one of the old storylines.