Sunday, December 23, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

RoU Discussion Forums Added for Developers

I've added a simple forum to aid in development. Right now only moderators are able to post, but people can follow along with what's going on.

Realms of Ultima Forums

JasonNH joins the team!

JasonNH has jumped aboard the RoU ship and has been a busy bee starting with an Empath Abby prefab. He sent me some screenies and I have to say I'm excited, as he knows what he's doing! Great job Jason!

He's put the abby together using the Building Construction Kit (BCK) 2.1 by Nytir which proves just how versital a pack like that can be.

You can find JansonNH's other work here!

If you'd like to help out bringing Britannia to life in NWN2, email me!

Here's some screenshots of his work: